To celebrate Laylatul Qadr (Night of Decree), which is one of the holiest nights of the year for Muslims, an international equity firm Berkley Assets has organized an event to serve up iftar dinners to 10,000 laborers on Friday. To conduct the event smoothly, Dubai Police blocked the street and diverted traffic.

Omar Jackson, partner at Berkeley Assets and also the planner of the initiative said “I’m so proud of my team and everyone else who turned out to deliver the food on this special day”. He further stated that “We’re indebted to Dubai Police who gave us fantastic support to make it happen.”

To prepare the iftar meal, more than 2,500 chickens and 4,000 kg of rice were used. Officers of Al Ghusais Police station closed down the street in the Sonapur (Muhaisnah) labor housing area while the volunteers created a human chain to serve the iftar meals.

Berkeley Assets Arranged To Serve Iftar To 10,000 Workers |

UN Goodwill Ambassador Roy Fernandes was also one of the helpers who said “This was a wonderful initiative by Omar and his team. They have got Dubai Police and so many others involved and everybody worked together to make sure that such a large number of people got fed.”

Jackson added: “Working closely with Dubai Police to help bring this idea to life has been an incredible honour and my particular thanks go to Brigadier Yousuf Abdullah Salem Al Adeedi, Major Nasser Abdul Aziz Al Khaja, Lieutenant Jassim Mirza Al Ameri, First Corporal Abdullah Hassan Saeed Al Hosni, and all the officers at Al Ghusais Station.”

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