A 26-year-old Emirati man was accused of knocking a biker off his motorcycle for staring at his sister while they were waiting at a traffic signal, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.
The defendant had caused five percent permanent disability of his countrymen by beating him as well as he has also damaged the motorbike and the helmet. As per records, on December 2017, the defendant was driving as driving on Al Safa road heading to City Walk. His sister was beside him on the passenger seat when they stopped at the red signal.
The defendant claimed that the 32-year-old Emirati victim, who stopped his motorbike beside the driver, was staring inside his car.
The victim, who is a policeman said in a statement describing the incident that “My friend was new in driving bikes and I looked behind my shoulder. The defendant lowered his window. I told him that I wasn’t staring inside his car and that I was looking for my friend behind. There was a woman sitting beside him. He yelled at me and pushed me and the bike landed on my leg and I couldn’t move because its weight was 400kg. He hit me on the helmet and broke it and broke my nose, and I fell unconscious until I woke up in hospital.”
An Emirati police officer said, “The defendant asked him why he was staring before stepping out the car and assaulting him. He left the scene and the victim was taken to a hospital.”
Meanwhile, the defendant has denied all the charges against him. The case will have the next hearing on April 7.

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