A labour disagreement requiring around 400 labours of a catering service company was settled to the high-level requirement of labour officials, according to the Judicial Departments of Abu Dhabi along with diplomatic missions covered by the news agency.

The ADJD, an adjustment with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation also established a mobile court to the worker’s accommodation in Mussafah to accelerate the repairment of the pending dues. According to the revelation published by the ADJD, authorities assisted in paying Dh3 million in unpaid exchanges to 400 workers in Abu Dhabi by dissolving the bank guarantee of the employers.

The department claimed, “ Necessary measures have also been taken to transfer the willing workers’ residences under other companies and to provide travel tickets for those wishing to return home”.

The distress of the labours of AL Wasita  Catering company, who were terminated in Mussafah without salary for months also spent weeks without food after few of the company owners ran the country. Electricity and water facility was also stopped at their accommodation temporarily.

The men belong from Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, India and the Philippines were claiming their salaries and at the end of service the welfare to go back home.

Indian Ambassador Navdeep Singh Suri told the news agency that the workers were offered two options for resolving the disagreement.

Suri also told, “They can take 50 per cent salary immediately along with air ticket and return to their countries within five days. Or they can pursue the case via the labour court and wait until the company can pay their full dues. Many workers are choosing the first option ”.



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