In Abu Dhabi a Women allegedly Killed her ex-boyfriend, cooked his remains into a Moroccan dish and fed it to construction workers in the Arabian country. As per the Khaleej Times report the 30-year-old accused confessed to the AI Ain prosecution to have killed her boyfriend and chopped his remains into pieces.

According to the Arabian newspaper, the accused while confessing to the prosecutors said that she killed her boyfriend who was in his twenties to seek revenge after she was dumped by him.

The incident came in light after the brother of the victim went to the couple’s house in serach of him. When he asked the women about him, she refused to give any information saying that they broke up after she ascertained that he had an affair with some other women.

Then, suddenly victim’s brother noticed a human tooth in the blender. Which led to the women’s arrest and revelation of the crime.

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