A reckless driver who hit a bus after performing after executing dangerous stunts in a residential area in Dubai has been caught by the police. The actions of the incautious motorist were recorded by an unknown member of the street and he also shared the significant footage with the cops.

The leader of the Traffic Public Prosecution of Dubai, Salah Bu Farousha said the 20 years old was executing dangerous driving in Mirdif in Dubai, pushing life at risk.

An initial complaint was launched to Al Rashidiya Police Station before being transferred to the prosecution department.

Mr Farousha said, “The case file included a clip of the SUV showing it’s driver carrying out stunts, endangering lives, causing disturbance to residents as well as road users and ramming into a bus that was stopped in an internal road

The information about the individual who recorded the footage and sent to police had not been disclosed. Mr Faroosha told that the motorist was caught and detained for seven days due to relevant interrogations and getting the subsequent technical reports that will disclose any kind of illegal implementation has been made to the vehicle.

He said that authorities are committed to eradication on offenders putting the lives at risk on the roads if Emirate.

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