The nose of an Emirati woman went horribly wrong and she has been in a coma for 20 days. A family member of the woman told the reporters that Dubai Police has referred the case to the Public Prosecution and is awaiting the final report of the committee set up by Dubai Health Authority.

The rhinoplasty was executed at the First Med Day Surgery on April 23. Her family alleged that the incident was the result of gross neglect and malpractice on the part of the doctors.

Meanwhile, they have filed a complaint with Dubai Police as well as DHA. The 24-year-old patient is a first-year master’s student studying hospital management. The DHA doctors visited the woman to follow up her health condition. As per her family statement, she is still unresponsive and motionless and there is no improvement in her condition. One of the relatives to the woman said that she received a call from a stranger offering the family a big amount of money as compensation to the woman in order to take back the complaint.

She said, “The money of the whole world cannot make up for the woman’s health.”

The relative said the medical staff at First Med Day Surgery do not have required certifications for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS).

She also alleged that the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurse at the center could not detect a cardiac arrest during the operation of the patient. “Blood did not reach her brain. The medications given to her after the condition deteriorated were incorrect, The operating room was not equipped to alert staff during an emergency,” she added.

“The woman suffered a sharp drop in blood circulation and pressure. Oxygen supply to the brain was affected, her heart stopped for seven minutes and she slipped into a deep coma — which she is yet to wake up from,” the relative said.

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