Every month people of the UAE invests a few hundred dirhams to bet on a combination of numbers in lottery and dreams of becoming an instant millionaire. On Wednesday night, the dream came true for an Indian expatriate changing his life who won Dh10 million. During the latest draw of Big Ticket Abu Dhabi, the winner was Ravindra Boloor who will be scooping up a mammoth Dh10 million prize in cash.

The expatriate purchased the ticket number 085524 on March 26 and that was picked during the draw making him the winner.

Ravindra Boloor belongs to India and lives in Abu Dhabi. The event was organized at the Abu Dhabi Airport arrivals hall. The draw has already turned a number of UAE residents to multi-million-dirham millionaires.

However, the organizers have not yet a conversation with Ravindra. According to his daughter, who received the phone call from Big ticket, Ravindra is currently visiting his native country and he will be back later this month.

“Call after one week. He is not reachable right now,” replied the daughter calmly. It is likely to say that the lucky contestant will be seen next month to claim the prize.


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