On Wednesday, the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeals gave 10 years imprisonment to a man who was found guilty of defaming UAE through social media channels. The 45-year-old Emirati man HAAT was accused of misusing social media by spreading false information and rumors about UAE and intended to damage the social unity of the nation.
The prosecutors alleged that he had published false information to harm the reputation of the UAE abroad.
The court ordered to delete all the false statements which were spread by the man and closed the statements and closed the websites and social networking sites used in the offenses.
On Monday, news came that a 22-year-old citizen of Comoros was sentenced in prison for five years by the State Security Court at the Federal Supreme Court for joining the Daesh terrorist organization. He was also given a fine of Dh1 million.
The defendant was also accused of using social media to publish fake information, rumors, and articles to spread Al Qaida organization’s terrorist ideology and to encourage young people to join it.

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