The 49-year-old Pakistani man has been sentenced to 15 years in jail and was additionally fined Dh100,000 for raping a teen and forcing her into prostitution. On Wednesday a Dubai Court of First Instance heard the case and it was revealed that the defendant brought the girl into the country claiming she was his daughter.
He was also accused of human trafficking, rape and running a brothel. According to official records, the defendant tampered with the 13-year-old girl’s passport to make it appear she was his daughter then brought her to the UAE on a tourist visa two years ago.
He engaged her in prostitution but a customer fell in love with her and fought with the defendant. The victim claimed that the man has taken advantage of her poor conditions. He misguided her family by saying that she will have to make food in Dubai with good pay.
“He raped me in Pakistan before we flew to Dubai together. He used to force me to have sex with 10 people each day at his brothel,” said the girl.
An Emirati policeman said: “A man called us to report a rape. When we went to the location he provided, we discovered it was a brothel and that the teen was forced to work in prostitution. We arrested two other women who were also practising prostitution.”
As per the statement of the girl, the man used to beat her and force her if she refused. The two Pakistani women were also sentenced to three years in jail on the prostitution charge. All the accused will be serving jail terms.

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