On the special occasions like Christmas, while the individuals search online images and wallpapers, this Indian expert has one of the highest collections of Christs images on the wall of his Dubai lodging.

45 years old Lorence Manan Neriamparambil proudly possess a collection of over 25,000 unique images of Jesus. He has executed all of them in an enormous fabric banner dimensioning 33 x 8 feet on the wall of his housing in Al Qusais.

Acclaiming from Kerala, the South Indian State, Lorence came off in a family with strong linking with the Catholic Church, with 10 ministers of Catholic and 31 nuns from the family. A resident of Dubai for 15 years told media source, “ We had the rare privilege of Mother Teresa visiting our ancestral home. My family has built a church as an offering in my name in Eenthumkari village in Kannur district”.

His cousin, Fr. George Alumkal, who has a giant collection of statues and crosses and statuettes of Christ’s images.

That was while he was just 20 for 25 years then, Lorence has assembled photos of Christ from the different countries through friends and relatives. He has also busted many of them from many places of adoration. The strenuous assignment was to remove the monotonous images and collaborate the rest of them all together in one frame. Lorence said, “It was indeed a Herculean task ”. For making sure the images in the gathering are not duplicated, he said he got them exhibited on a 75-inch TV with his friends at a hypermarket nearby his home.

“ That was a big help for me. Also, I cannot thank enough my graphic designer friends Vivek, Taju, Abdul Raheem, and Viju who worked tirelessly for making this huge banner with all the images with good clarity and without repeating a single one.”


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