While roommates and friends of 29-year-old Nabhan Nazar promptly rushed him to a hospital in Ajman for what they trusted to be drawbacks of a fever, they never visualized they would not see alive again. His roommates and co-workers rushed him to the Thumbay Hospital in Ajman at the emergency department after he complains of gasping problems and pain in the chest.

Nabhan, who addressed from the South Indian State of Kerala, passed away in the wee hours of Saturday due to several organ failures.

After the Kannur native was admitted in the hospital, he was urgently classified as a ‘red flag’ case and moved away to the ICU. Dr Shaik Altaf Basha, the internal medicinal specialist at the hospital told, “He was extremely weak and was not even able to give a history of his illness ”.

Nabhan’s friends briefly informed the doctor that he was suffering from fever in 10 days but he did not pay much attention to it. Dr Basha said, “Upon investigation, we found that he was dehydrated and had low blood pressure. Since he could not breathe, he was put on a ventilator”.

According to test results Nabhan had pneumonia, which has an infection in his lungs, pleurisy – an inflammation of the lungs – as well enlarged lymph glands.

The doctor informed, “ Blood tests showed that the kidney was failing while the liver too was affected”, including that there was a hint that he had sepsis, which had spread to his organs through the blood.

The white blood cell count manifested a presence of 135,000, while the normal is between 4,000-10,000”. Dr Basha said, “There was a possibility that he had leukaemia and he never knew about it because apparently, he was a fit person. This was coupled with an infection in the body ”

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