In Saudi Arabia, a 17-years-old Emirati boy has been missing from Khor Fakkan since January 19, informed his brother on Monday night.

Saudi Arabia Police are searching for the Emirati teenaged boy, who went missing for three days in Makkah, while he was performing Umrah along with other members of his family.

The missing teen was identified as Khalid Hassan Mohammad Al Darmaki, was located in Al Haram with his family, surrounded Al Kaaba at the Grand Mosque with his family and has not returned back home yet.

As per the statement of his brother Khalid, he suffers from mental health. He has described his brother as thin, brown skin with average to low height and a shaved head.

Al Khalid said that his brother does not speak too much and was wearing white clothes with short-sleeves. He also informed that they have registered a missing-person report with Al Haram Police Station.

“We checked with all our family and friends, the police and hospitals, but there was no sign of him,” added the victim’s brother.

Khalid Hassan Mohammad Al Darmaki’s family has appealed to the public within and outside the country to contact them for any information regarding the missing boy and his whereabouts.

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